What is Einvoicing?

In the same way as the use of emails has changed the way how we communicate today, be it for personal use or for business, the next and upcoming revolution in particular for businesses can be electronic invoicing.

The comparison of einvoicing to emails is in fact not too far fetched. In a quite similar way as with emails, einvoicing allows us to send and receive invoices faster and safer.

Businesses that previously had to operate dedicated staff and in some cases even entire mailrooms just for their invoicing can now automate the entire process. A business owner can now do their invoicing right from a computer or mobile device. Within minutes after the creation of the invoice, it can be received at the other end and instantly processed.

One major advantage of electronic invoicing is not only the speed and the potential cost savings, but the fact that both parties that are making use of electronic invoicing can do so without the need of paperwork. This alone can save a tremendous amount of work plus it does away with the potential for errors that are sometimes made in the process.

Who can benefit from electronic invoicing?

Einvoicing canĀ  provide these advantages whether someone owns a large incorporate or a small business. In any case, significantly reduced time and cost savings can be the result. For small businesses, the low cost and the fact electronic invoicing is back-compatible with the traditional invoicing process can be especially appealing.

If you happen to be a business owner, I recommend that you look into electronic invoicing because of the many benefits that it can provide.